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Self-care Workshop

Everyone needs to be able to unwind and learn how to leave work at the end of the day. Your employees’ mental health matters, so show you care by hosting a workshop focused on self-care. We will provide a yoga/pilates instructor and/or a health educator to lead the workshop. For an extra special touch, send everyone a Care Bag of self-care goodies like skincare products, aromatherapy, candles, as well as an enjoyable book. Alternatively give each participant a voucher for some pilates or yoga sessions. There are so many ways to reward your staff and make them feel valued and cared for.

It sounds like a simple concept, yet for many of us, being kind to ourselves and Self-care can seem downright impossible.

Sessions are delivered in the following ways;

Lunch and Learn Group session     400euro
1 hour group session         400euro
2 hour group session         650euro

Health & Fitness Workshop

Our Wellness Team offers educational workshops, which focus on a variety of general health and wellness topics, exercise and fitness, diet, and nutrition.

These workshops are tailored to each Client after initial consultations with the professionals.

Lunch and Learn    350euro per group session
2-hour workshop    550euro per group session

Personal Presentation and Self-care Workshops

Sometimes we can underestimate the positive reciprocal connection between inner and outer beauty. Positive self-awareness coupled with the power of presenting yourself professionally is without doubt a winning combination.

Our aim is to empower individuals and teams to step out into their own spotlight with confidence, style, and impact.

These workshops are 1-hour 15min in duration with plenty of interaction.

Costing 450euro per group session
Cost of private individual session 150euro