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Sapphire offers workshops to inspire, inform and align your team and employees. Our workshops are designed to empower and educate.

Each workshop is facilitated by professionals who are value driven, committed to delivering real tangible results and are highly skilled.

As they say “money talks” so let us talk about money.

These workshops are catered both for individuals and groups.

Money can be a major source of stress and anxiety; we want to help people make the most from their salaries and offer them help and advice on how to make their salaries go further. To plan, save and invest wisely for their present and future needs.

Our How to

  • Budget
  • Save An Emergency Fund
  • Pay Down Debt
  • Set Financial Goals
  • Improve Your Credit Report and Score
  • Creating a budget strategy
  • Develop a Savings Strategy
  • Attitudes About Money
  • Review your financial situation to provide you with options

And much more.

We help demystify your finances and explain in nonprofessional terms.

Workshops can be an any topic that you feel is of benefit to your employees or to you personally. We cover all aspects of finance.

2-hour workshop         750euro

Half day workshop      1000euro

Full day workshop       1750euro