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When we consider Resilience we think about “bouncing back” from some kind of adversity, be it a disappointment or a major life event.

But, it’s far more than that. Resilience is our capacity to withstand adversity, to learn from it and to “bounce forward” in our lives – wiser, strong and with greater capacity for difficulties.

We are all resilient to one extent or another, and often we surprise ourselves with how we manage something hard. But, sometimes we lack the capacity to deal with something for an extended period of time. Maybe we manage for a while, but then it all becomes too much.

When we feel overwhelmed, it is when

“the situation at hand is perceived to be far greater than our resources to deal with it”.

But the truth is that we do have the resources. We’ve just not accessed them in a while or we haven’t built up our “muscle of resilience” to be strong enough to cope in times of difficulty. Small practices and ways of thinking and feeling, practiced regularly can give us the resources we will need when that crisis strikes.

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