Happier At Work

Aoife O’Brien is a Happiness at Work expert. Her mission is to help organisations to increase employee retention by using culture-fit in their hiring decisions.

She is passionate about ‘fit’ and specifically how creating the right environment can help individuals to reach their full potential and support organisations to thrive. She helps HR and business leaders to make data-driven decisions, with a specific focus on values, needs, and strengths. Aoife has been featured on several media platforms and podcasts speaking about ‘fit’ as well as imposter syndrome. She has also delivered a number of keynote speeches on these topics. Her podcast, Happier at Work, has 14,000 listens in more than 50 countries. Before launching her own business, Aoife had a successful 17 years in the corporate world, working with global companies like Coca Cola, Unilever and Heinz to solve marketing problems using data analytics.She has lived and worked in Dublin, London, Perth, and Sydney and has a MSc in Work and Organisational Behaviour.

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